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Ultimately, a beautiful autumn season and warm hat to concave shape, then what hairstyle hat look good comb it? 9 exquisite small hat + human hair weave beauty ride, pretty elegant influx of people must. Simple shoulder-length hair shoulder-length short human hair wigs for black women simple, belong autumn OL shape, bright yellow wool bowler hat pretty even more sense, fashion suction eye, highlighting the lovely sense of white girls. Japanese and Korean fashion millinery curling curling woolen woolen bonnet, playful delicate purple hue is accompanied by relatively extravagance LORI face, temperament and refined, with double ponytail young girls will be released. British Institute of British Institute of wind wind bowler hat bowler hats, accompanied by a large cornice shawl with long cheap human hair extensions, the full range of elegant and mysterious and goddess, accompanied by exquisite retro full lace human hair wig accessories, stylish atmosphere. Orecchiette Orecchiette Equestrian Equestrian hat Korean hat like a naughty little devil as lovely, just tie a side ponytail, leisure wild, lively and generous. British style fashion British style fashion hat curling curling hat, brown very wild colors, accompanied by Liu Qi human hair extension pink sweater, sweet, pleasant, hats Dachu tide sense. Fisherman bucket hats super personality and cute fisherman pots hat, bow side is a bright spot, even short hair becomes tender and stylish, casual workers are suitable.

Following TONI & amp; GUY2015 trend hairstyle fashion after the show a perfect ending, November 3-4, TONI & amp; GUY China Hairdressing College of Education heavy launch 2014 international master courses for hairdressing elite depth from the country's resolve LEXICON hairstyle and hair color creation password, deeper will TONI & amp; GUY's most stylish hair art to bring you inspiration. The International Master Course brings together TONI & amp; GUY most influential instructor team, they are China, Chief Executive Officer and Artistic Director FrankieChan, global artistic director IndiraSchauwecker, southern China region and director of education BillWatson, China Hairdressing College of Education and Chinese managers YoungAn Technical Director LisaLu. Courses conducted in a closed environment, hairstyle trend gurus person demonstration, through on-site cutting, dyeing, make students more intuitive to learn the latest cutting techniques and zoning, distribution points. Masters also to share with the efficient and practical salon customer communication methods and product promotion techniques. TONI & amp; GUY Hairdressing College of Education is committed to developing China's most professional full lace human hair wigs stylist and professionalism, for different customers create for their own hairstyle, new customers start to realize the beauty of life. Micro-channel sweep the concerned site.

The most beautiful and touching human hair full lace wigs on the hair did not dry on sleep may lead to cheap full lace wigs human hair loss statement, FORCES pointed out that there is no scientific basis for this argument, neither clinical cases discovered, there is no relevant researches can confirm this, and therefore can not be trusted . But she still reminds people better to wait until the human hair wigs for cancer patients is completely dry and then go to bed, because if the human braiding hair is not dry on sleep, probably a cold the next day or so often, possibly a headache. This is because wet full lace human hair wigs after shampooing, there are large amounts of water evaporation, but also take away a lot of heat (generally considered to take away 500 calories while one gram of water evaporation). Increase the heat, cold body will reflex upper respiratory tract capillaries shrink, upper respiratory lowered immunity, it makes partial pre-existing virus or bacteria take advantage of. For body resistance stronger person, body temperature regulation function properly, but also to reduce this situation. But for people who are weak body resistance, due to poor ability to automatically adjust their own body temperature, so prone to colds and other respiratory infections, runny nose, stuffy nose, headache or fever and so on. Therefore, experts advise, best not to wash your wholesale human hair before going to sleep, or washed dry with a dry towel, it is not the cheap human hair extensions dry with a hairdryer and then sleep.

Cheng Yi 2014 new classic original trend round series classic tailoring techniques to square, circle, triangle concept as the core, depending on the angle trim produced nine different basic tailoring timeless method to continue to lead the world and 60 years of nine manikin head with human hair trends Species haircut technology to a new geometry package, geometric cut human braiding hair color makeup Interpretation square, circle, triangle, Cheng Yi Wu mccoy principal and creative director of Ping Zhu Xiangmin perfect team to bring a new interpretation of the classic. Everything has any reason to exist in the world, just like the classic tailoring techniques can profoundly affect the hairstylist. Classic tailoring techniques and architectural concept coincides, therefore giving it scientific and professional, and the impact of this classic tailoring techniques for hair stylist technology in the coming decades can not be forgotten time. Classic hair style for Asians like an exotic culture that has a strong regional ethnic characteristics, straight hair cut tough line is known, at the same time, this style also with Westerners and facial features texture fit. Atmospheric and gorgeous clothes matched, so the United States in the art of human hair weave reborn. Round to soft for the United States, with a parabolic curvature of the line is inspired cut is filled with all kinds of curves, will change into an elegant hairstyle contour lines.